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  1. Vethyx

    Voting Links

    Thank you for supporting the server by voting! Make sure you are logged into Minecraft so you can get your reward! 1. 2. 3...
  2. Vethyx

    Block Parties!

    Hey Builders & Survivors! We're going to begin having weekly Friday Night Block Parties on the server! What is a block party? It's a server-wide gathering where everyone can hang out and have fun! One server and one host will be selected each week, and it will be that hosts responsibility to...
  3. Vethyx

    Applying for Staff

    Thank you for your interest in becoming staff on Minecraft Forever! Currently you can only apply to be a Helper. Please read this carefully before submitting the application. Guidelines to Applying For Staff 1. You must have played on the server for at least a month before applying. 2. You must...
  4. Vethyx

    Iron World 1.17 Update!

    Greeting Adventurers, I'll cut to the chase and say the Iron Server has been updated to 1.17! Some features are temporarily disabled as we work had to continue to convert plugins to the new version of Minecraft. We've also expanded the worldborder from 15k to 17k! Emerald and Gold will be...
  5. Vethyx

    1.17 Caves and Cliff Update Plans!

    Hello all! As you know, 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update will be launching on June 8th! Here's some things to know, and some things to expect. 1.17 Update If you haven't been following, 1.17 is a pretty game-changing update. Introducing new creatures, ores, blocks and other cool features! It's...
  6. Vethyx

    Custom Rank Tutorial + Rules

    Players who have obtained the Custom Rank are able to change their rank name with /customrank once a month -- Here are the general rules and guidelines. How To Change Custom Rank Command: /customrank <Rank Name> <Left Bracket Color> <Right Bracket Color> Example: /customrank &5Epic&6Gamer &2 &3...
  7. Vethyx


    Hey all! Check the survival chats on Discord to see some weekly stats about the world! Most Player Kills: Gold World (135) Most Mob Kills: Iron World (32814) Most Deaths: Gold World (586) SERVER COMPETITION We will give out these rewards next week for the server who has the following...
  8. Vethyx

    What Server Should I Play On?

    A common question players have is which server is the best to play on? The choice is totally yours! They are all great servers, with friendly players like yourself. Here's some more info on each server to help you make up your mind! Iron World Before there was a hub, before 1d1d, gold and...
  9. Vethyx

    New Websites / Forums

    Hey all! We've revamped the website to make it fit better with our community and server. The social media site was very cool, but never really fit, and I feel like I bit off a little bit more than I could chew with keeping up with it. It may come back in the future in a different forum, but for...
  10. Vethyx

    Server & Community Rules

    === COMMUNITY RULES === 🗨️ Keep Chat PG-13 Do your best to keep the chat civil. Excessive profanity or vulgarity is not allowed. This rule applies to nametags and weapon names as well. 👫 Respect Others Be excellent to each other! Intolerant or discriminatory remarks towards someone's race...
  11. Vethyx

    Hi, I'm Vethyx.

    Hello, I'm Vethyx! I'm 30 years old, and I created Minecraft Forever! I'm a computer programmer, indie game dev and started playing Minecraft in 2009! My hobbies are guitar, MMORPG's, coding and watching YouTube videos!