Block Parties!


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Hey Builders & Survivors!
We're going to begin having weekly Friday Night Block Parties on the server! What is a block party? It's a server-wide gathering where everyone can hang out and have fun! One server and one host will be selected each week, and it will be that hosts responsibility to make the BEST party possible! It can be theme based, game based, a birthday party or anything else they can think of!

The host can ask players to leave a 5 star review on the warp (that I would set). For every 5 star review, the host will receive 50 tokens!! (4 star, 40 tokens, 3 star, 30, etc...). Those interested in hosting will be given access to an exclusive Block Party Host Discord Channel, where they can invite anyone else they'd like to join while they build their awesome party!

Interested in becoming a host? Reply to this post with the following form filled out:
Your Minecraft Name:
World You Want To Host On:
Coords To Something You've Built: